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Now the bright old sun will end
This lovely night of ours
Drifting through the clouds above
Collecting all the stars

My darling, close your tired eyes
And dream your sacred dream
Soul within the verdant realm,
Your body safe with me

Our Mother Moon, your sleeping form
She watches night and day
Never alone, the Forest Lord
Walks with you all the way

Bear and Saber prowl the ground
The Owl and Crow above
Our blades are sharp, our land is strong
You need not fear, my love

The blinding light that marks the day
Reigns over all save when
The ever shining sun does set
And night is ours again
Yay poems!
They're fun!
And big yay for metaphors and symbolism!

Was originally trying for a lullaby...
...It kinda turned into a love song-type thing.

Still kinda could work to put little 'uns at ease, though... druid or not.

all things nelf = blizz
these words in this order = me
Nemonus Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
Aaaaw it certainly works as a lullaby and is worded/rhythm'd very well.
kryz-flavored Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010
hooray! words didn't fail! ty :3
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